Do you have historical data for any platforms and can you get it?


Currently we do not save any historical data on our own. When you create a searcher we of course keep the data or matches for 30 days. We could in theory keep these matches for longer than 30 days so please reach out and let us know if you would be interested in this.

Now, could we add historical data to notifier? In theory it would be possible but you have to remember it would be a huge amount of data and so we would have to charge a lot for it.

Also for some platforms it would simply be impossible to go back and get historical data since they do not provide any data through their API's.

Here is a breakdown by platform of the historical data situation:

Reddit: Possible to save historical data and we could even in theory go back and get it. This would be very expensive though I would likely have to be some kind of custom job between us and you.

Twitter: Twitter provides a more featureful API and dataset to go back and get historical data. We could do this for you but once again it would be very expensive and would likely have to be some kind of custom job between us and you.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn provides no API access to any of its data. So it would be impossible for us to get historical data. We support a more limited type of social listening on LinkedIn by leveraging search engines.

If there is enough interest in us watching LinkedIn Groups then we could investigate doing that. So Please let us know.

Facebook: Facebook is similar to LinkedIn above.

Instagram: I Instagram does not provide access to historical data. In fact they do not allow you to search public Instagram results at all but they do allow searching hashtags for public results. This is what we leverage.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to let us know by leveraging the chat box on this page.